Drupal Update Status (with proxy server between site and Drupal.org)

If you work in environment where between your browser/computer and Internet is some proxy server possible you will be unable to access Drupal updates site (http://updates.drupal.org/release-history).

So solution is to install “Update Status Proxy” module (saying “There is module for that” is in this case 100% correct smiley).

As per module description

This module is a workaround for a long-standing Drupal issue - it's not meant to be a permanent solution. It would be great if that issue could be fixed and this module would no longer be needed!

Go to drupal.org/project/modules and search for “Update Status Proxy” (do not forget to sort by relevancy) and you will get proper module(http://drupal.org/project/update_status_proxy).

Install it, go thru setup, save it, and finally visit your /admin/reports/updates page.

Happy Updating smiley

ps. Drupal 7 is vaccinated against this problem, so module is not required (one more reason to switch to D7 cool)

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